Ever insecure about dicksize?
Guys, just a daily reminder that you shouldn't be too insecure about dicksize! There's so many techniques used by the porn industry to make a dick look larger. Just make sure you learn how to please a girl with whatever u have, and if you're not packing down below look for some fingering/licking techniques! There's so many ways to please someone, so be open and communicate 

much love

The number of fisheye lenses that get used in porn to make dicks/asses look bigger is insane lmao. Once you notice it the first time you start seeing it everywhere

I still can't figure out why the porn industry wants to make guys look like they have monster cocks when the vast majority of women can't handle that. I find it funny because the old Greek/Roman statues showed the ideal man as having a small penis.

I'm not that insecure about my dick size, it's sensible to feel bad about it, but every girl is different with what they want and so it depends on the girl and what they can take.

Idk, i feel fine about my dick size, but i feel it's pretty normal for guys to think "it could be a little bigger", especially after watching porn.

You'd definitely feel insecure about it if you watch porn lol. Society has made average or even above average laughable these days

Thank you for spreading confidence amongst the community!

Well.. it also depends on the girl, some really prefer bigger, usually from experience, not porn.

well i just feel that one day I will be chucked by a guy with a bigger dick

Not really tbh, even if I did have a small dick - so long as I got to use it once in a while I'd still be fine with it.

But I've been blessed with a pretty nice sized one so Idk, harder to comment

always man.... always