Excited for Elden Ring
Elden Ring looks fantastic so far. Wont preorder it though as the state of some recent AAA games at launch have been awful. Thoughts?

I can tell you as a big from software fan. That you think I don't have to worry.

the other games almost never had errors, at least no game destroyers

The game is already finished and the rest of the time is used for exactly that bug destruction, etc.

Of course, I can't tell you if you like the game.
take a look at dark souls 3 - it has the same enginge, or at least in the same way

I agree that pre-ordering usually disappoints in the last years, but Elden ring has the benefit of the "early access preview", meaning "from software" believe in the quality of their product, and some people already played a small part of it, and would probably say if things were fucked up