FF7 Remake
Who's playing? First streams of it look (and sound) like it was well worth the wait. Seems like they really put the effort in on this one.

Soo many remakes atm, gaming companies are out of ideas

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Sadly. I have to wait for the PC version to play it myself. I don't want to buy a PS4 just for a game. In the meantime, i actively try to avoid all information regarding FF7R.

If anyone is going to get it please be aware that this is NOT the full FF7 game, so far they've only released one chunk (but massively increased the content within it, what was once an 8~ hour ride can now include up to 40~ hours of content apparently).
I haven't played it, my younger brother has and he is really enjoying it.

@Spaceman22 you're definately right in that the gaming industry has run out of ideas, but an FF7 remake was a highly requested game for MANY years, I remember people asking for it back in 2000 when FFX came out... FF7 has always had a massive fanbase.

I was about to say it.

I'm waiting for the PC version. I'm hoping the real time mode will be good, as I am on the true round by round side...

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Remake Fest here. Exactly the same as with movies.

It's seems they've given the money to do a geat thing

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I've always wanted the VIII to be redone... But I'm kinda afraid at the same time

Honestly I think it'd be wise for them to remake the whole set of games; VI, VIII, IX and X have all aged enough, and all (well maybe not 9) have large fanbases that they'd all be profitable. Wasn't a fan of XIII and XV so I feel like their creative team isn't good enough to make new FFs anyway.