FF7 remake
I was just curious if anyone knows when second disc will be released or when they plan on announcing it?

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Sadly looks like all speculation still.  Most folks saying late 2022-spring 2023. Possibly ps5 exclusive ( I hope not ).  Back to the waiting game lol Big Grin

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they didnt come out with many good games PS4 generation why they want us to upgrade to next generation? i been thinking switching to nintendo done with playstation xbox battles but hope the remake is the last game i get on ps4 lol

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i agree with you

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I liked assassins creed valhalla and ghosts of tsushima.  That being said dunno if those were ps4 exclusive.  The microsoft/sony fight is indeed annoying.  Especially now that micro snagged blizz/activision.  Going to see alot more "exclusives" with exclusive crossover crap that basically means if you want to play all the games you'd like to you will need the newest PS and xbox as well as a PC. Going to see all my faves locked behind game pass lol. Im hoping steam deck is decent.  I have a switch and that has been pretty enjoyable even if the library isnt huge.

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