Falcon Winter Soldier
So I've been watching this series and it's been pretty good so far. What do y'all think? Better than Wandavision?

The thing is, F&WS has more action from the get go, Wandavision was more of a "what the hell am I watching?" into "holy shit," so they're really different shows. As of now, I am very much enjoying F&WS, and want to see what's going to happen with it.

I preferred Wanda-vision but falcon winter soldier is definitely more action right off the bat not a bad show at all

What makes you like WV more than F&WS? Do you think the storyline / mystery in WV is better, or is there other reasons? The beginning was a bit rough to get through because it was so dry.

I personally prefer Wanda vision, it had a very unique feeling story.

So much better than WV not excited for loki either

I liked wandavision better as well. I

i prefer wanda, too

I think it's a more traditionally paced MCU show. I'd put it similar to the Winter Solider in tone, but it def has more humor.

Wandavision was more unique but FatWS is your classic MCU action show

I think the writing is better in Wanda but falcon is more action-y and more like a movie show than a tv show. The story was good in both and the productions were both really good but I'd have to go with Wanda just for consistency and wtf is going on in each ep lool