Fast & Furious 9
second trailer for FF9 just dropped today.  i like that Han is back but everything is so over the top.  and magnets?   thats a rip off of "6 underground."  what are your thoughts?

They see over the top works for them as they can go further, if they continue racing trend like first two series end at 3 or 4 movie release.

Magnets? And wasn't there a flying car? I'd say it had jumped the shark, but I think that happened a few films back tbh. The series peaked at Fast 5, been downhill from there imho.

Over the top is their thing

I think.........this movie will no longer be as exciting as before

Big Grinwoww I thought they were done! I honestly miss the older movies. This whole heist shit is kinda meh. I feel they could’ve kept it street racing focused and still done well. They got lazy haha

Lol I've given up with the franchise now. OTT storylines and just lazy writing

how many more are they making

If there's ever a movie series that needs to die, it's this one. Just my opinion.

F&F is a franchise that knows exactly what it is and revels in it, a fun expectable full of nonsensical action, I for one enjoy such movies