Favorite VTuber?
So with the launch of the HoloLive English branch there have been a number of VTubers popping up everywhere, does anyone watch a specific group or have a favorite?

Mine happens to be Kiara, she tries her best even if it seems like she is the slowest growing of the newly launched branch.

For me on SA is Nimu

hachama , ayame

I love the Hololive girls still but there's a channel called vtuber showcase that introduces a pretty good amount of English vtubers too. But I'd say it has to be Elite Sakura Miko as my favorite of all time

peko peko !!!!

It's really hard  Big Grin

Gura from HololiveEN

Pekora is really chaotic but fun, so is korone


I’ve been watching vtubers for a bit and I must say I really don’t care for the hololive english girls very much

Fubuki and Pekora from Hololive. Fubuki is just so wholesome and cute friend and Pekora is... Pekora peko.