Favorite YouTube Channels?
YouTube's search engine kinda sucks, and it only ever recommends me stuff I've seen or don't like. Got any recommendations? What are your faves? I'm pretty much down for whatever as long as it's entertaining in some way.

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Do you like cooking shows....I would look up foreign food recipes or cooks who make better versions of fast food...those are neat

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Not sure if you are into firearms at all, but Garand Thumb has some very interesting content. If you’re into video games a nickmercs video is never a bad idea.

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Sure, why not? At

I'll check them out, thanks Smile

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I occasionally binge-watch a lot of gordan ramseys cooking videos. He has a lot of bizarre stuff from other countries like eating a tarantula. It's pretty entertaining.

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Oh yeah, those are good, I watch those too.

Love the babish channel, pretty fun to watch and great content honestly