Favorite breast size
What's your favorite breast size?
My favorite is small

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My favorite is D~F

My favorite is B ~ C

C is perfect for me

B or C is good for me

C or D for me.

36DDD right amount of side boob without being too fat!

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I like the smaller ones as long as they look full. Saggy tits look terrible to me expecially as the girl ages.

Would have to say at least double D

it seriously can't tell since i like big tits bot some girls are just as pretty wearing almost no boob at all

My favorite would be a nice B~C area.

I've been with quite a few busty girls and honestly for me it's just bigger = better.

tbh the bigger the better but caps off for me at around E

any that fit in my hand with a little bit of flowing out of them. DD max

Not too big, but rounded and firm.

D+ Cups! Especially, 34DD! Love that size...

A thru C, a cute B specifically

32-34 D. Won't sag giving that boxing bag look and enough to get right up in there!

My favorite is B ~ C

i like all, they all have their hot side that get me off