Favorite horror books
I don’t really read horror books, but recently I read Dracula and I really enjoyed it, what are your favorite horror books? Do you have any recommendations? I’ll apreciate your answers!

H.P. Lovecraft is very good. It's more 'cosmic horror' than gore or ghosts type stuff- the horror comes from entities beyond all human comprehension. Which is obviously hard to put in a book, as the reader can't comprehend it, but the sense of dread is conveyed very effectively through dark hints and glimpses.

The bible is pretty scary

Stephen King, especially his short story collections. I often get bored of reading and so having a small story to digest is more palatable. I recommend "Night Shift"

I like dracula

Lmao the only horror books I read are Goosebumps. But there's plenty of good horror stories online

Goosebumps for the nosalgia