Favorite worst games?
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone on PC, played so much of that shit

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hitman contracts. Buggy as hell but really cool

Octodad is pure brilliance

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Cyber Punk on PS4, it’s broken as hell and the bugs are crazy. Funny to watch, horrible to actually play.

Harry Potter from the win. What a hilarious game when you think back on it

My favorite worst games of all time probably has to be cry of fear, that game is just so buggy and theres hundreds of exploits but its such a funny game lol i love it

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League of Legends. Toxic and boring as hell after 10 years. I do not know why I still play it

Gotta go with Chex Quest. Lots of Doom fans hated it because it was so focused on being kid-friendly, not to mention being a literal advertisement for cereal, but I legitimately really enjoy playing it. It also helps that most Doom mods work on it, so it can be... interesting to say the least.

i really enjoyed battleborn till the servers got shut down i like how it was a fps moba

Dino Horde what they rebraned as Orion: Prelude. A wave based dinosaur game that is pretty stupid and feels old as hell but was 50c. Got a few hours out of something that is not to serious. Easy fun with friends

Emperor's Battle for Dune

Story? Barely existent. Unit balance? Cheesable. Unit controls? Minimal. Graphics? Basic. QoL features such as units talking when you click on them/give them orders? Literally broken.

But my god, that soundtrack... and there's just something magical about playing a Dune game that is just different than other RTS titles. If this game were released this year and it was well polished... goodbye, social life. See you in two weeks.

There's an FPS called Incursion which Bigfry covered in a YouTube video. That game is laughable