Favourite Season?
What is your favourite season? Mine is winter.

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Spring. Not too cold, not too hot. Rain's generally not too bad.

summer all the way mate

Summer for sure

Winter, I can stay inside wrapped up.

summer, summer and summer

This is the correct answer yo! Although, it can get kind of chilly during April/May where I am located.

Summer... but dry warm Autumn evenings come close second

winter is nice season

Summer crowd here  At

Fall because i like the cold, but Winter and snow is brutal here.

Winter all the way! Hoodies and hot chocolate ftw

Fall as a fat dude, I enjoy wearing my jackets and hats comfortably.

Living where I live has ruined summers for me forever. You can sweat around here just sitting still and not doing anything. Spring and autumn are just lite-summers around here. I've always liked winter the most, if anything it's an escape from the heat for a couple months at least

Winter, winter & winter.

Summer! Always has been and always will be...nothing beats sitting by the lake in the sun and drinking a cold beer!

spring, just the right amount of coolness without it being freezing

I really like the warmth of the summer, but if I don't have to go outside I would pick winter. Love the atmosphere in winter with all the Christmas decorations.

winter, I just love cold more