Favourite boxer in the last 20 years?
who is it?

Watching Anthony Joshua has been interesting but I feel these days there's not as much flair in boxing anymore. No one fights like Roy Jones Jr used to haha or even Prince naseem for their cocky styles, but even just ring technique I don't find many stick out anymore. 

Anyone else?

GGG mainly for his non cocky style - maybe i'm a bit weird. Plus anyone who beats canelo twice can't be that bad

sugar shane mosley!

Well someone has to say Manny right? Him for sure as well as Cotto. For me right now though Loma and Crawford.

Hmm there's so many! From the Klitschko brothers to Mayweather himself

I loved Mayweather too for a long time. Hated that he got a lot of stick for not being a knockout artist but he did finish some people. I always found it more impressive he had the discipline and skill to not only be conditioned to go the distance, but also barely get hit and in return he had well over 50% connect percentage every fight. Then he retired and came back and retired and came back and was just shit. He did start to just coast fights.

I have to say the entertaining, mental madman Tyson Fury

Tyson fury is up there, due to his comeback

Floy maywather and tyson furry

Agree with YesSir659