Favourite games forgotten by time?
Games with a low fanbase, didnt too well, never scored a sequel. For me, id say Spec Ops The Line, as though its popular, it seems to be more of a conversation piece than people liking it as a game. That aside, maybe Brink. Loved Brink, its customizability, and its story in the audio logs.

and Skull Monkey, has anyone played this game?
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Alien shooter ,one of the games i played when i was young.

Tak and the power of juju. Loved that game to death when I was younger.

Anyone remember road rash from n64?! What a classic

I always liked the Transformers games on PS3. Not only War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron but also TF2: Revenge of the fallen. The MP in TF2 was simple but fun. Unfortunately, the servers have been shut down for a while now.

Project: Snowblind, one of the original hero/ability shooters. You play a weird jazzed-up super soldier in a wild campaign that I didn't understand then and I don't think I do even now. A modern version would probably play like Deus Ex.

Skull Monkey looks like it has such a nice spooky charm haha. Project snowblind looks cool too, love deus ex tier conspiracy stuff. Transformers games were somethin else too. Anyone remember LSD Dream Simulator?

sammy's science house

Good ole Jak and Daxter were my games back in the day

Sammys science house was the SHIT

Spec Ops: The Line was good, but it seemed to be made to tell one story and it did that, so no sequel was expected I think

Brink was also great, very underrated, but also very much lacking in levels/content/replayability after a short while. It really needed like x3 the amount to do to have a chance.

Like liked the Army of Two games, even though playing them again they don't stand up super well. They were fun though. I wouldn't say no to another one.

Shinobi... no one talks about those games anymore. seems like even sega forgot about them