Favourite movie/documentary released this last 2 years
Does anyone have recommendations for the best movie released during this alt 2 years? the theatres were close so i haven't been keeping up. i prefer documentaries.

My octopus teacher is a great doc

B.A.M. - Builders of Ancient Mysteries. That's one of the best documentaries of 2020 imho. It goes into ancient structures all over the world, and paints an excellent general overall picture of the history we're not told in school. Go watch it, it's well worth it.

IMDB page for B.A.M.: www (dot) imdb (dot) com /title /tt14564806/

^ I swear all of these ancient structure ones are just reused shit from other old shows.

TIME on amazon prime. criminal justice/family documentary
summer of soul. great old concert footage about a festival i didn't know about at all