Favourite travel destinations
I know that travel isn’t on the minds of most of you. However, I’m curious - what has been your favourite travel destinations and where would you recommend going?

Iceland anytime baby. Do a road trip there with 1 or 2 friends and try camping!

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Iceland looks phenomenal. Definitely on my bucket list

I had a blast in Spain a few years ago. Spent about a month traveling around (barcelona, sevilla, granada, valencia). Out of the places I visited I liked sevilla the most. Its a nice mix of the moorish and catholic architecture, tapas are still cheap, and the people are friendly. I also spent a weekend in berlin during the same trip and that city is fucking crazy, like in a good way.

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I’m itching to go visit the Pacific North West in Washington tbh LOL it just looks so beautiful!!!

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Ohh yeah Spain is definitely a place I'll have to visit in the future. I hear the food there is to die for

Yeah the food in spain was great. I ate so much jamon (aka salted ham) and spanish torillas (aka fritatta omletts), and like all sorts of random tapas.

Ayia napa if you looking for partys only

I'm big into visiting National Parks. Seems like almost every country has some spectacular ones.

Brooo the random tapas is the beeeest

Italy for sure. Not for the people, though. The scenary, the food, the wine, and all that in combo. Man, youre in heaven I tell ya

I've never been but what's wrong with italian people?

iceland!  At

Norway is nice

you should travel to spain in your live.

italy of course