Firefly Show - Underrated or Overrated?
I keep hearing people talking about it and that it's one of the greatest shows ever made, but honestly, I'm not sure....thoughts?

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Haven’t seen it, wondering this too

You could watch The Expanse too, it's very good

It was just okay for me.

for me it was nothing special - can't imagine ever wanting to rewatch it

It’s underrated to a degree. There are plenty of people who will hate it, but those who love space and westerns will fall in love.

I think its underrated wish it had a second season

6 out of 10 if i rated it

Check the movie first if you like it watch the series

underrated for me, amazing cast with great writing and a uniqueness that creates nostalgia, couldnt recommend more but i guess its just an opinion

Underrated for its time; overrated now a days.

I thought it was ok. Hard to judge an entire show based on how little episodes it has. Maybe if it had more episodes it would have been able to expand and turn into something great but who knows?

Underrated for sure. Serenity was good too.

Underrated, I don't think I've cam across any user on any forum talking about it