Fix my Contribution Leveæ
Hi guys.
Still in need of help.
I got insanely cucked by your system.
I tried reaching out for help and got my problem half fixed.
I went from +8/+10 level to -13 in less than 24 hours because of a approved thread.
But you guys fixed it by a donating a fair amount of credits.
So I started out testing my new wallet and got the same “spam filter detected” every time.
I’m now at a point of no return with contribution level and a fat wallet, hahah.
Can we try and do something or am I just fucked now?  Smile

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Even at +13 it's too low to see links, this is a known fact if you had spent any time around the forums.

You did not get "cucked", the system is known as the contributor system, you get points for contributing. You have made 2 threads, and 5 posts and are complaining about this already.

Do better!

Happy holidays.
Please read the FAQ's before you message me.
Message me if you have any issues with the forum

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So 320GB OF mega and a Belle D bj vid wasnt even enough for 1 freaking post?  Smile

Fuck it... Can you just delete my account?
This is a one way win street and thats for premium upgrade payers. The small ones actually sharing are just feeding those guys.

Please delete me and merry christmas.

My dude, getting to the required level takes maybe 10 threads + some posts in non-leaks section. Also, you can delete your account yourself if you wish.
Telegram - @rick_techkin

What is the required contributor level to start seeing stuff?

Nevermind. Just saw the stickied thread.