GOTY for 2020?
Cuz of this mess we're probably not gonna see many new games come out this year. So given what we got so far, what do you think is GOTY for 2020? I'd say Doom Eternal has a pretty good shot at it.

Yeah i've been playing the new doom a lot - brings back memories of the originals

yeah i'd say doom eternal too

If they will be finally relesed CD Projekt Red CyberPunk 2077 or Naughty Dog The Last Of Us Part 2

I think it is way too soon to recommend GOTY anyway. I would say FF7 Remake. It is an amazing game.

Quote:i think minecraft is very guiodd
i think minecraft is very good and i wait 12 seconds

Doom eternal was solid but I'm hoping that cyberpunk game comes out

I would say Last of Us Part 2 but it's been delayed indefinitely... Sooo maybe Doom?

Based on the current games here. Doom Eternal definitely has a good shot sunk so many hours into it.

valorant is gonna take it now just from the hype

The Last Of Us Part 2 or Doom

yeah i'd say doom