Genre of game that will last forever
What genre of games do you think will last forever? Do you guys think battle royale will live forever? Seems like it’s past it’s prime

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Pay to win. Just kidding.

Probably first-person shooters will last for a long time.

Clash Royale is almost dead, better to find a new source of entertainment.

FPS and RPGs will have a very long life ahead in gaming imo. And I agree with you Battle Royale was on its peak the last year, probably from now will decline.

MMOs and card games like hearthstone.

I feel strategy games will withstand the test of time. Look at chess, for example. That game's pretty old. Games that have set rules that don't particularly deviate from them are appealing to most because it's more about optimization than familiarization.

(Local) party games are not the absolute most popular, however imo they will never die out.

I regret that music games with instrument-hardware are a thing of the past (like guitar hero).

I think RPGs will last a long time.

2D plateformer for sure

Platformers in general.
Just the basic skill required is full of small wins and easy complexities.
Mario has survived for so, so, so long for a reason.

I think battle royales are on the decline, but will still always be there now. I think FPSs, driving games, and card games will always be around.

FPS will probably last for a very long time.