Genshin Impact - End Game

After completing all your world quests, events, side quests, I feel like there is nothing much left to do in Genshin Impact other than farming and waiting for your resin to refill which takes alot of time. I just wish I knew about the pity system sooner and have multiple accounts to roll the free wishes upon generating a new account and get lucky with a 5 Star character early in game instead of waiting 90 wishes just to get one. It gets really hard to level up after completing everything, so I'm wondering what do you guys enjoy about the game after endgame? Achievement hunting?
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I'm just waiting for the new region to be unlocked on November.. I can't wait since it is a standstill of trying to level up after 32 onwards :/
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I dont think they expected people to pound through as much content as they did. Stagnation will kill its player base and at this point November updates seem kinda far away.

You could always try rerolling for another 5 star to mess around until new stuff comes out. The bonus of this is you can swipe your own stuff from your alt lol

"Endgame" right now is AR 40+ since that's when 5 star stuff drop regularly. I would take it easy though since I heard that they will allow you to save up resin into a consumable item and in dungeon runs you'll be able to double your resin consumption to increase drop rates.

I just started it yesterday, how do I see what dailies I need to do to get currency?