Genshin Impact thread

How are you all finding the game so far? Currently AR32 and levelling is so slow..  Sad

I'm currently saving my gems for when Ayaka when she comes out. Anyone else saving for particular characters?

I just started the game a day ago and have been enjoying it so far, but I'm worried about the gatcha aspect holding back some gameplay when things get more complicated.  I'm not planning to spend any real money on the game so I wanted to hear what you thought about playing as NIAP.

I just log in to do dailies and some farming. Stocking up on materials and prepping for next release content

Favourite waifu dudes?

Xiangling, Lisa, Amber, Fichl are my favorite waifus

i love the game and the story it’s just leveling feels so slow and i’m getting kinda bored of it