Get my credits back after paying for a broken link??
Is this a thing? Is it possible to get credits back after spending them on a broken link?

Are credits only awarded for posts and likes now? I read Lucifer saying that you should get 50% of credits used to open the link on your own post, Credits for everytime you post a thread, and credits for everytime someone posts/likes your post?

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We are working on a way to implement a way to refund credits. Unfortunately, as lame as it is, we don't have a timeframe yet
Please read the FAQ's before you message me.
Message me if you have any issues with the forum

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Thank you for responding and for the everything you do. I would’ve replied but I don’t have onyx?

In regards to receiving 50% of credits spent to open a link. Does the thread creator no longer receive that?
Or when someone likes your post?

I saw Lucifer told someone this but I cannot seem to find the post

just gotta be aware of the header saying broken link


i lost a bunch of credits, man this site is crazy but fun

it kinda sucks how many time people actually have to go through this

hope this dosnt happen to me

Well that sucks

I think its a great suggestion.