Getting a tattoo
I would really like to get my first tattoo but I would like to know some recommendations before getting it.
What would you recommend to someone who wants to get his/her first tattoo?

Something small but has a lot of meaning to you?

get a quote from a show or a book you enjoyed, somthing that really speaks to you.

i always liked simple quotes

I hate pinterest, but it's a great source for inspiration. Try it.

really think about what you're gona tatoo on yourself , try to go for something unique

Choose something small that you love, and go to a good professional.

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Don't just accept the first design you get put on if aren't 100% happy with it. Being impolite is tempory but the inking is not. Let them redo size/scal/angle/possition if needed. A pro will do it without a gripe.

always make a temporal one first. visit the artist like 5 times, a couple of times without announce, to see how its the vibe there. ask for the sanitary records if they got one, and choose something small first, in the shoulders or arms