Getting started with programming
Hi everyone. I’m looking to get into programming and was wondering if anyone can recommend how to get started? Are there well known websites or learning resources to kickstart? Thank you!

Udemy has some amazing courses, i think a python course would be perfect for beginners

This shit is hard

codecademy is one Ive heard but havent used myself

I know that some say that you should not start with C++, but in my opinion there is no better way, because:
  • "Modern C++" is not as "dangerously" low-level as people think it to be ("smart pointers", views, etc)
  • Once you dive deeper you get a lot of knowledge which helps you to understand other languages, e.g. Java & Rust and why things were implemented like they are
  • Visual Studio Community Edition is free
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    is a very good starting & advancing point

If I could learn it all over it again Id definitely learn C first. The learning curve will hit hard BUT there are times I have to stop and recall a concept only to find out I didnt learn it. You have to define almost everything in C and this helps you design things... lets be honest you probably wont get past a couple of languages like python or java because they are so useful but C does not hold your hand. You are required to understand to move to the next step otherwise you will backtrack. Youtube university is your friend. Find out what youre interested in while youre there.

For me, I started with a copy of why_'s Poignant Guide, which teaches Ruby. I liked it because it taught me ground-up. I've only needed to learn a few new concepts (for multiple other languages) since, and information was presented in a way that appealed to my wandering, childish mind. For example, arrays were described as caterpillars stapled to walls. I still use this analogy when thinking about technical problem-solving.

What language u prefer

Or what would u guys recommend for starter language?

Or what would u guys recommend for starter language?

Learn C++ as a beginners language, then work your way up.

i used codecademy. Its good for begginer users

start with python, just make something