Goes by Charlie Ng (Nguyen) from Orange County. Willing to pay for this chick.
Asian ex-stripper from the OC. Lots of tats. Don’t know her current IG and her FB is under the name Ricky Williams. ?‍♂️ 
Last I heard she’s in Garden Grove. Used to dance at imperial showgirls and library gentlemen’s club. 
I also screenshot other aliases she might go by. 
[Image: 44-EC4-F81-9121-4-C98-BAC6-1-C715-A81-AFC9.png]

[Image: 4-A773-AAB-AABB-4-C3-C-81-A9-4475-C343628-D.jpg]

[Image: 66639065-2017-4-C2-D-9-C6-D-E036-BD8-AB5-B2.png]

[Image: 7-E45-E391-BDAC-4399-A41-A-CAF8-EB3-EDECB.png]

[Image: 99-CB8-F2-D-F749-4998-8681-50-B05-EB7-CE72.png]

[Image: C3-FA2692-0-CD8-42-A6-B281-4-E5-E94-A03-E2-F.png]

[Image: 330191c3459293b238f97ecee9157593.png]
[Image: 4fa01d92e56fdb5efdc075e68f4ef51b.png]
[Image: f9b651da4792a8e6d9aa1224287fb0b7.jpg]
[Image: 707065b697256fff5dc1ef74a224cb82.png]
[Image: 4d7a46d9f77946ac6737871182ed07b2.png]
[Image: 4131b1b500eb6e582b39276b56d993b9.png]

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