Good couples anime?
Wife and i like to watch  together, and honestly shes not too picky. No robots, no sports, nothing too fan servicey [i know all anime has its fair share of tits out, but nothing brazen like Kill la Kill]. She loved Mirai Nikki, so romance is good, especially sad romances. Any ideas? Shorts good too, not looking for DBZ/Bleach/One piece things - 2 seasons is ideal.

Have you seen Charlotte? I recommend

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I personally recommend Restaurant to Another World. Features fantasy elements (dragons, wizards, etc.) but not a huge amount of fan service and is just generally enjoyable.

One puch man

Jojo, start from P1 TO P5

Noragami is good anime to watch

Depends how much you’ve watched? Death note is always a good start

Restaurant of another world looks cute but shes not too into fantasy- she does want to try Death Note though, and Charlotte looks like a good choice since she loved Angel Beats and Clannad. Anyone try XXXHolic? We love atmospheric horror, so im wondering how that is.

I recommends: Shinsekai yori
Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi
Made in Abyss
elfie lied

+Noragami is good anime to watch