Good tycoon games
What are some good tycoon games? I wanted to play something Casino related but i will take anything to be honest

OpenRCT 2 is pretty great if you're into theme parks, if not i'd recommend Simcity 4, since you can spend hours building your city and really managing it detailedly.

What is a tycoon gaem

I remember I used to play fish tycoon Big Grin

rollercoaster tycoon is fun

Helium Rain is a very unknown hidden gem. Get through the first few hours and you have yourself a X game style space game/management tycoon, complete with trade fleets, your own space stations and diplomacy with other factions. The economy is more robust than you'll originally give it credit for

Try Planet Coaster or Planet Zoo

I think planet coaster is made by the same people that did the original tycoons

If you like dinos, I would recommend getting Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, but if the graphics is something you care about then go for Jurassic World Evolved or Parkasaur.

If you want city building, I think the best one out there is City Skylines

Game dev tycoon

lemonade tycoon

Game Dev and Lemonade Tycoon are both solid choices.

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Justanothergoy beat me to the punch, LEMONADE TYCOON was definitely the best that every did it.

Throwback to rollercoaster tycoon ?

Rollercoaster Tycoon will always be my favorite. Too bad it's a bit of effort to get it to work on a mac.

Planet Zoo, try this one on