Grouping people by generation
Does anyone actually do this in real life? There are always articles about Millennials vs Boomers, or about how Gen Z are fixated on some silly craze. But it just seems like cheap media content. As long as it gets clicks, I guess.

Or maybe some people think like this?

I think that its mainly for the memes, but if people feel like they are adhering too much towards one generation then they'll call you out for it. Like if a gen Z is getting berated by an old woman for skating in the middle of the street they might say "okay boomer" because why do they care if someone is skating in the middle of street. But other than that I mean I haven't seen anything else.

'As long as it gets clicks' can explain a lot about the modern world

I feel like a lot of people mistake millennials for the younger generation

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I rarely experience this in my personal life, only in the news and online.

I always hear about them when discussing anything relating to American Politics. Online or in real life.

The elderly is probably the easiest generation to grope since everything sags and they are less sensitive... Wait, I don't think I read the title right.

Gen Z is probably the most strange people comparing to older. They almost born with smartphone in they hand. Who knows how it will affect on them in next decades.

Everything is all about the views these days, younger people just do things for the memes and getting people's attention.

Society wants us to be put in these groups to make it easier to control people and create conflict. We should treat everyone as individuals regardless of when they were born. Of course there may be minor differences like how skilled with technology people are, etc.

Yep, it actually does happen. From all sides they usually see each other as Boomers being stupid and out of touch, Millenials being whiny and entitled and Gen Z being doomed or some shit. Honestly, I think they all need a quiet little talking to each other, minus the ego, and take a closer look at what's really happening out there.

Quote:people are people bro
Quote:people are people bro
people are people bro