Gundam or mecha model kits
Is anyone else here also into building gundam or other mecha model kits? I got into as a result needing something to do at home though all of these lockdowns, and man they are fun. They're usually snap builds that dont require glue and are super poseable.

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I used to do the kits when I was younger, it's definitely a niche hobby though.

I've never really done model kits before as I'm afraid of them not coming out perfect. But I've always wanted to do models and add environments or action stuff like smoke etc...

Painful fart, from what your describing gundam models or gunpla would be right up your alley. Theyre all snap together so all you need is like a pair of wire cutters and a knife. They also have a pretty low entry point cost with some of the smaller scales kits around the $15-25 range. Also look into the "30 minute missions" series.

Guys did those in high school a lot. They spent tons of time at Gamestop back when they carried Gundhams en masse.

Yeah. I remember when gamestop used to carry them. Nowadays I try and buy them from my local hobby store.

You can still find them here and there.

I hardly see them anymore. Occasionlly I'll see one set in store. But I think the major stores have pushed them out for the latest and greatest thing. Whatever that is.

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Yeah its definitely a niche hobby. Although i did see some at target and kroger a few months back.