Has anyone here watched The Irishman?
Wow the movie received tons of hate. I personally loved it, as it is my favorite movie last year. People complained about the duration but I think it's alright. Young De Niro looking stiff tho

I get why people loved it but I thought it was entirely too long. It could've told the same story in an hour less run time imo

I haven't watched it. How was it?

It's pretty good imo. But dont expect anything heavy in action. Plus the movie is really slow, so if that isnt your cup of tea then your liking won't be as much. Also it's not like a movie you would watch in a hurry you know what im saying? It's a good chill down at the sofa type of movie

I loved it. Maybe it was too long, but a great film

I thought it was great! Never knew that there was any hate for the film, I love movies that take place in reality even tho this movie isnt accurate to the hoffa disappearance

Yeah was decent but definitely not one of Scoesseses best and way too dragged out.