Has anyone seen "Black Mirror"?
For the longest time I've been trying to figure out what this song meant in the context of black mirror. Today when I was watching 15 million merits a second to time I analyzed the lyrics more carefully. It seems wrong for the song to be carried across all 4 seasons unless it had some sort of significant meaning. In the context of this episode I assumed that Abi was singing a love song not to Bing, But to the system that they live in. A system of forced labor Would hardly be loved by anyone, Making it plausible for the system to only be loved by someone who benefits from it like Bing and Abi at the end, Which is why she says "The world may think I'm foolish they don't see you like I can but anyone who knows what love is will understand."

The same is true about "systems" in other episodes where the song is sung, like the MASS system in "Men Against Fire" when sung by Raiman, the soldier who loved what she did and Shazia to the surveillance state that she profits from.

I quite enjoyed some episodes, some are very boring though.

The one about the bees was the best. And the prime minister. Great underlying thought at the end.

Never watched this but it is on my list to eventually get round too.

Are they shooting a new season?