Has quarantine made you depressed?
I've been suffering with mental health for the past 5 years but quaratine messed my mental health up even worse. Do you guys have any suggestions how to motivate yourself to do things and how to enjoy life in general?

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Not really. Kinda the opposite for me. I was super busy with work before, working weekends as well. So quarantine gave me some much needed time to catch up on hobbies and personal time that I had to skip out on previously. Just find things to occupy yourself with, movies/shows or games, hang out with friends and just have as much fun as you can before everything goes back to normal. Make the most of it. That's what I'm doing.

Tough one. Luckily I have a great girlfriend that has helped me deal with quarentine

I see I see very interesting

Just a bit. But gaming is helping me.

Hate to be “that guy” but the best advice I could give would be to find different hobbies that you love, or something to keep you entertained. Personally for me I didn’t draw much before quarantine hit. Up until then it was more or less just doodling to pass time while watching videos, but after a while I found a passion in the hobby. Nowadays I sketch while watching movies, listening to music, and even has sketch sessions with other friends who want to get into drawing over a call. Just gotta find something you love and maybe find a way to share that love and get closer with those with similar interests

I fink every1 is depressed or feeling shit after lockdown. Lack of Vit D and other things. Life is about being social, sad times but gud times cumming Smile Wink

Not sure, I've been working through it though

Gotta agree with the guy suggesting better hobbies. Good habits are essentially to keeping good mental health (beyond significant clinical disorders/depression, of course, which require medical intervention). It's going to sound like a boring cliche, but good diet, regular exercise, and socializing with people you care about will take you a long way.

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kind of the opposite, actually

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I feel ya, being stuck at home SUCKS! I would suggest finding some new things you would be interested in, since the quarantine, I have learned to love books and Horror movies, i also started working out and making music.

For me quarantine has made me extremely lazy, sometimes I just don’t have any motivation to get things done and would rather just watch netflix all day.

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Had a full nervous breakdown and dropped out, I would say so

I recently got back into drawing and I found it very helpful to stay motivated.

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I personally feel like my mental health has degraded since quarantine, but I remain thankful for the people I had around me to work me through the really low points. Some of my friends who were not as lucky with their close company. They seem to be spiraling and I've been at a loss looking for something I can do to help

Of course, nothing like freedom.but porn has been there to keep the body relax.

No, the quarantine made me a better person

Need to find some hobbies to do during QT mate

maybe stay busy? use this time to learn new hobbies like gardening

Not really. Finally I had a time for self-education