Have you been having trouble finding jobs during the pandemic?
Just wondering what everyone's experience has been job hunting during the pandemic. Have you tried anything different, has anything been going well, have you got anything back, has it been harder than usual?

Well it depends. There was a period of time when there was way more job offers. After few months amount of job offers significantly decreased like from dozens to literally couple of offers here and there. But if you're good you'll find a job anyway. The secret is to apply for every job even if you're pretty sure you won't get it. Second, code code and code, create different projects and fill your portfolio with them. Dont fall in trap called "i don't have an expierience so nobody want's to hire me". Your skills are really matters, show them and you'll get the job regardless of your lack of previous job in this industry.

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I'm employed but I was just wondering what others struggles were. But that's good general advice you give. 

It's just unfortunate you can't be just a little selective when finding your first job. You kind of just have to grab whatever is there because you lack experience.

If you're starting out like me then with covid you're ruined. Unless you had a populated github directory or friends with a higher-up, every entry-level job has basically been removed depending on the area.

I dont thinks so, since the it companies are getting a lot of new customers due to the pandemic.

A lot of remote jobs for programmers showed up but if hard to focus if you live in a loud environment.

Me and two friends got new remote jobs during the pandemic so it's going well.
This is Europe, not sure about the rest of the world.