Have you had success with a youtube channel?
Don't need the channel name but wondering where you content creators are at in terms of subs/views a month? What did you find helped you the most?

It seems too much work.

You need a lot of motivation and willpower. I gave up after a couple of weeks because it was really starting to become bothersome.



With that much willpower, you could be Green Lantern.

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That's a full time job in and of itself, and you need a ton of original content to do it. What I can't stand are those YouTube personalities that just rip off other videos and then say that they have breaking news, when all they do is just rip off another video. That's the downside to YouTube.

It's better to just learn SEO

Yep, I did and I'm not uploading more content.

Do something you enjoy doing and go for it

it's too late for youtube maybe try twitch

Not at all, it’s too hard

just looking at the replies hoping for something positive but i guess thats reality, honestly if u have to mindset i think you should go for it. just make content you like and dont feel forced to do anything. i think doing stuff lkke youtube for fun isnt so bad even if u dont get the success u want. I guess like if u want clicks i swear top 10 videos on x thing eventually rack the clicks up but those get tiresome