Have you read Metro 2033 by Dmitri Gluhovski?
it is set within the moscow metro, where the last survivors (including the protagonist Artyom) after a global nuclear "holocaust". 
If you don't wanna read the book at least play the damn games they're so good. Start with Metro 2033 then Last Light and finally Exodus!

yea i've played the game. Extremely cool in my opinion. Started reading the book haven't really finished it

Books are on another level. And I'm not trying to down the games. It's clearly two different directions.

I always felt like the games stayed true to the original 2033. Books on the other end... They are hard!
First one is standard apocalypse, with philosophy, existential crisis and a lack of answer at the end.
Second ditches out philosophy and focuses on obsessions, beliefs and how wrong some decisions can be made out of them.
Third (and final, for now) is deconstructing the whole premise and... it's about the systems of power. Really, it could easily fall under the "cyberpunk" etiquette if not for the whole apocalypse thing.^^ How those systems are so strong, so resilient to change, so willing to stay in the wrong... That was the hardest of them all for me because I'm very susceptible to "justice" and, tiny non-spoiler... justice it ain't providing.^^

I just played the game. It has a great story.

Played the games then listened to the unabridged audio books while working, really enjoyed the story as it tells more of what's going on

The saddest part for me was [/SPOILER] Artyom realizing he had been lied to all along - there were others out there, and he was so desperate to share his knowledge, to make friends, to speak, he was tripping over his words broadcasting his voice on the radio tower after years of struggle, deceipt, and isolation. [SPOILER] Powerful shit

I've always ment to get around to it since roadside picnic is my favourite book but i never seem to have time anymore to read