Held to ransom by sony
With the news that the internal clock of the ps4 is basically a time bomb for my digital purchases im kind of feeling like i have to buy a ps5 now so i can play all the games i have in my library.

Any one else feeling pissed off by this design flaw?

how can a console like the snes made in the 80's still be playable yet a console made in 2014 has a component that will nuke the system?

Ya it complete bullshit. Worried about this for my other systems as wel

Yeah i've read about it, I hope this issue gets addressed and fixed

Pretty greedy on the end of Sony,

I haven't heard what happened?

Saw mutas video where he mentioned it. Really don't like Sony's inaction here.

kinda ironic given the time sony got held hostage by north korea

With this and clsoing of the ps3 store sony is really fucking up digital purchases. I try to buy any game I'm getting on physical