Hi! And some Inputs.

Hi I´m PornStar  Wink

I imagine there never was any giveaway of my old (fairly long) VIP account (Correct me if I'm wrong) ..... That and some other odd thing has made me stay low profile and hung in a few other places . But this is a structurally well constructed page. Admin is hungry for improvement. Ppl are nice and there is some good posters here. And quality is always better than quantity.

I have one or two small suggestions:

I personally miss a thank you button on members who help in the middle of a post. Commonly found in request posts where someone posts the request directly in the OP´s post. Maby not the optimal way to post a response to a request but I have the greatest respect for ppl who takes the time to fulfill someone's wish and I therefore miss a thank you button Not a big deal and maby hard to implement but still I wanted to say a word about it.

I personally again is a little damaged after decades of advanced porno surfing. This has made me immune to pictures. I rarely have any exchange of pictures, or 10 second clips. Sometimes MEGA is slow as fu*k and I would be really happy if the uploads were something more detailed. Instead of 20Tb Porn - Hot - Run  I have the utmost respect for opinions that do not think this is vital. Like I said, I'm damaged.

As someone mentioned earlier, the site would need some more themes. Particularly now that HLB has taken a break. I personally again have a hard time getting bumblebees in the scrotum on the social nudes pages BUT many of them are fu*ked real good in their spare time, Now I lied alitle but the shows is webcam-based and the girls look the same. The movies are usually ultra HD and 1-4 GB big. Usually posted on neutral forums and the DL "host" is often Keep2Share. The size is just perfect for MEGA and Keep2Share is useless for anything else so it would be good to have a source to dig in to on MEGA. And I know there is some "rare" stuff out there to. Just a suggestion and example.

It been 3 suggestions and alot of garbish (half of it belongs to Introductions so I maby killed two fly´s in one hit). End of textmass.


It's nice to see members such as your self give honest feedback and I really appreciate it. A lot of members criticise and complain about our systems not realising that the reason it is in place is precisely what makes us unique in this niche.

The second part (spoiler alert) is the reason I personally have been MIA the past 3 weeks (apart from my holidays). We are unveiling MAJOR changes to the site including cleaning up the forum and revealing a new theme.

We use mega because we have a bot that finds and replaces links on mega and thats why we prefer to use mega and I wholeheartedly agree that people need to label their leaks a lot better. It's a delicate act balancing new leaks with people who are only interested in making a few new threads to get some specific bit of content. But we are constantly evolving and making changes, listening to users and I think the thanks button you mentioned can be added.

Also welcome to LeakedBB Smile
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That was actually a really interesting what you talked about Pornstar. And also very interesting to hear a bit about how the system actually works and the reasons behind it.

That's a nice looking quality post