Hi! Is Premium worth it?
Brand new to LeakedBB. I was wondering if Premium was worth it to bypass all of the posting for credits for links.

Thanks for the input!

I'd like to know as well

Yes, 100%. I was non-premium for a month or so I think and finally got tired of all the posting required to see links. It's only $10 for Elite and it's valid for 2 months, plus it helps support the site which is so much better than all the other leak boards in my opinion. I'm planning on upgrading to Onyx (which is valid for life) once my Elite runs out. I feel like I've already realized way more value than the $50 Onyx costs.

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I’m so cheap tho? the 10 credit post seems to take forever tho

Well fellers im down bad 10 credit grind gang

Yeah I was wondering too. I've purchased a few OF in the past but $10 is a bad price if there is quality content.