Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Coming To PC
[Image: YC1PbcO.jpg]
Are you looking forward to this? Glad more people will get to play this game. They created an interesting world with a refined gameplay loop, engaging combat, with a great story to boot.
The machines are so detailed and the way you deal with each of them are very interesting.
The graphic is also breathtaking but probably will need a very beefy PC to run it. I personally hope nvidia Ampere or AMD Big Navi will be released in time for me to upgrade my GPU just to run this game.

me and you both brother

Oh man, I hope it's good. Haven't had a good experience with console ports.

I hope the port is good but there is a good chance that the port wont be due to the fact that many ports ususally are quite horrible

Can't wait to play it in ultrawide

Lets seewhen it comes out