Hottest (spiciest) food you have eaten
How did it feel? I underestimated this place once, ordered their food but put in their spice level of "hot."  And mind you, I can eat spicy, it was Indian food, and it had "non-hot", "medium", and "hot." Yeah. I wasn't expecting "hot" would give me a heartburn for the entire day. When eating spice, DO NOT DRINK CARBONATED DRINKS. It destroyed me. Anyone have wonderful experiences?

I tried ground black pepper once, it was pretty spicy.

Hot peppre!

real Indian food probably.

Then you probably know what I mean!

Scottish Bell Pepper

not hottest, but hot candy was shock for me

I've tried all the classic "world's hottest peppers" and I've got to say, nothing ruins your night quite like it. I had a buddy full on pack it in on the kitchen table because he couldn't handle it anymore


I enjoy making my own salsa alot, made one with Habanaro/Ghost/Scotch Bonnets and that killed both ways