How I Met Your Mother: Plot Holes never answered?
I've just binged watched HIMYM on Netflix and my oh my are there many plot holes that never get answered?

what do you guys think? does it ruin your love for the series if things go unanswered and plot holes make it less engaging? or do you find that it's irrelevant to the enjoyment of the series?

What plot holes are you talking about?

What plot holes are you talking about?

I just honestly never liked it that much, the main guy is so boring

I never found out about the damn pineapple maybe i missed it on the last season which i refuse to watch

A sitcom like HIMYM was never about the plot in the first place, so plot holes aren't a big deal to me. Yeah it would be nice if they explained stuff like the pineapple, but that doesn't really matter for a sitcom as long as it's funny.

HIMYM had the single worst ending of any sitcom I’ve ever seen

that show dissapointed me Sad(

You shouldve named some plot holes specifically haha, I didn't really experience any issues. Although the plot is pretty simple