How To Shoot A Bigger Load?
I already tried Zinc and Vitamin D and it didnt help much.

Any Suggestions?



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Your body makes what it makes, you just have to find a way to be content with it. Outside of preventing dehydration, there's nothing you can really do. If it's really concerning to you, consult a doctor not a porn forum.

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haha dont worry, I just want to bust a big nut lmao



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really funny! lul

Stop jacking off for a week

Soy lecithin?

Probably if it isnt normal thing you will need zinc and vitamin d

You can try gooning and not cumming build it up

can't believe no-one has posted this yet -

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the relevant text:

"And I have discovered the holy grail of orgasms.

The Cum Holy Grail
(1) L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1000mg
(2) Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg
(3) Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 2 times daily = 200mg
(4) Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1200mg

As a side note: After being on Pygeum for 5 straight weeks now, I leak pre-cum like a damn faucet. This stuff definitely activates the Cowper’s gland."

But biggest thing would be "saving up" for a few days.

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Don't do it so often. The Less you wait inbetween doing it the less you'll produce, so waiting longer should mean you produce more.

Plus have you tried edging? It involves stopping right before you blow your load. It might take a few goes to find the right spot where you stop just in time and don't go to far and cum. Once you edge once wait a bit and do it again, them rinse and repeat. Edge a bunch of times and when you finally blow your load you should produce a lot more. Plus the longer you jack off without cumming the more you should produce.

If I just came fast it just dribbles out but if I edge a bunch of times and spend an hour or so jacking off, when I do blow my load well... let's just say I make a big mess.

Hope this helps