How close do you think the US is to civil war?
Open-ended question...seems to be lots of disagreement and division..groups are arming on the left and right...the words are always more scary than action...but it is concerning...

you can't bring a shotgun to a tank/drone/f22 no..

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I don't think it's close at all. You know... to actually make a war, you'd need far more than the fire power the general public has available. Back in the day you'd be fighting toe to toe with just a gun, necause that was the best etechnology back then. Nowadays, however, if citizens decide to make war with their guns, the government would just intervene and end it all really quickly with just helicopters.

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So far posters assume that members of state goverments themselves don't break away with access to firepower...

They're trying to divide us enough to make us go into Civil War. Unfortunately for (((them))), they are actually uniting everyone against the evils coming out of the government. All of the demoralization porn you see from all the checkmarks you see on Twatter? Yeah. Propaganda. (((They))) don't have control of the narrative anymore. All (((they))) can do is throw shit onto the wall and see what sticks. So far, everything slips off pretty quickly.

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Really hope you are is sometimes a little scary...

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TPTB are trying to convince us to go into a civil war. It's in their best interest to weaken us, and that's the only way to do it, as killing our economy, and CRT in schools, and BLM/Antifa jerk off competitions haven't worked. The MSM belongs to them, so they keep trying to push us into one. The problem is that they created the Covid bullshit only to realize that they not only overplayed their hand, but that people are uniting against it. And they're finding that too many of the military, medical community, transportation community, and shipping community, are uniting against them and their narrative. They're also finding that the regular people are uniting with them. Even with a full generation being taught a pozzed version of things, Americans are still Americans, and you don't fuck with our freedom. What they don't realize is that the guys that just want to be left alone may just join everyone else. That's not in the best interests of TPTB. Civil war talk is merely doomer porn passed off as "news".

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What is the tptb....also why would anyone really benefit from a American civil war except our rivals maybe in Russia and China etc...

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TPTB = The Powers That Be.

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Ah thank you..