How do you date during this quarantine time?
Hello to all singles here. How do you setup dates?

Pre-Covid I just went out for a drink or a restaurant. Now it's like having a walk together somewhere, as for first dates I dont really feel comfortable to invite them to cook or something.
How do you handle it?

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Get creative man. You can do nature things like hiking or going to the beach

It's worth a shot and totally understandable to get tested for both your safeties if you're not vaccinated. If they take offense to it (which they shouldn't) then probably a pass anyways

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I second hiking. keep your distance, enjoy the nature, next thing you know, you guys are talking about squirrels trying to steal your nuts

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Well I've been with my gf for four years now and I'm not going to cheat on her or anything, so I'm not interesting to date someone else soon, so I'll just focus on her and my college life and gaming as well, I guess
Sorry if this isn't useful, but I haven't gotten any good advice for you
But I guess you can date on tinder or some shit if you really are into online dating
And if not, love comes at your door anytime, so you just need to wait to find someone truly special and meant for you

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Wow. I am surprised by the wholesome comments. That's a nice side instead of the 9gag commnunity =)

Nothing  has changed, I still do not date  Sad

I have no idea how to date, much less date during the lockdowns. Thank God they're just about done over here.

I don't know how to date even before the quarentine so I guess the only way of dating is texting, facetiming or doing something online.

simple, I do not

Find something you are both interested in, and take things from there.

I don't. I watch porn, what do you thing I'm doing here ?

Generally over discord with a few cold ones and a good movie to watch.

Somehow I 'd feel awkward asking girl for first meeting on a solo hike in to forest or mountains. At least i'd advise them against something like this.