How fo you know if you love.
I already have a girlfriend and all the thing who go with this. But how can i be sure its love what i feel ? Because if you never feel love how can know this is love ?

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You will know, when you know, Charle Martin.

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If you
>get butterflies in your stomach when you go to see her
>all you do all day is think about her and you can't stop
>get turbo boners just seeing her and she's not trying to turn you on
>can't eat much around her

Those are some of the indications of being in love for the first time.

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The big turning points for me to tell when Ive been in love is being able to find joy in the slow monotony of life and finding it hard to imagine a future without your partner.

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If you are doing nothing, but still feel genuinely content with their company, then you have found someone for you. Good luck my friend Smile

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Youll know when the little things matter alot

Think about her as an old woman. Imagine a Sunday afternoon w her in your 70s and see how you feel. 

If the image of that makes you happy, then you love her.

You’re more happy when the person is around you