How has quarantine affected your fap schedule?
actually it hasn't really done anything to mine lol, i still burn out

wayyyyy too much

About the same as usual for me. Not really any different.

i usually wasnt fapping every day but now i may even do it twice

Not realy different... Only the first week it was different (4 times a day... But now it's 2 times)

It really hasn't changed anything for me actually. Every day or two I get one out in the morning.

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increased it a shit ton

Ehh... I have been doing it significantly more than usual. But it's usually just boredom when I do it.

hasn't changed at all

My wife works from home now, while I still go to work, so when I get home, I don't have any "me time" now. That's kinda sucky, and she's too stressed to do anything at the moment.

wayyy too much lol

honestley, my dick is sore from all this free time

Being stuck at home really hasn't been healthy on the little guy  Smile

all the time its bad

Been doing it all days

For me it doesn't change. I fap once or twice a day, without schedule.

It actually got less since I use more time now for finding porn, no time to fap lol.

Kicked it into fucking overdrive. Too much extra damn time.

About the same. More content from creators though

increased it