How to fix the preview image in a new thread?

I was wondering how to get a "slideshow" with preview photo's on a thread. I can't find this anywhere?
The intro only explains
but when I use this it will only generate the yellow preview button, how can I get the slideshow?
And is there a general place where all the commands like
,[img],[hide] etc are explained on how they work?
Because maybe there are other usefull features I don't know about yet.

Kind regards

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Use these for slideshow (remove spaces)

[ gallery ] [ /gallery ]

this will look something like

[ gallery ][ img][/img][ img ][ /img ][ /gallery ]

it's important that there's no spaces or text between each link, also it will look buggy when you preview your post but works as intended when you post it

i figured this out by going to a post and hitting reply, you'll see the format used there

i'll leave you with a template i made (again remove the spaces)

T e m p l a t e
[ preview ]
[ gallery ] [ /gallery ]
[ download ]
[ hide ]
[ megalink ] [/megalink]
[ onyxlink ] [ /onyxlink ]
[ anonlink ] [ /anonlink ]
[ /hide ]
[ hr ]
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RE: How to fix the preview image in a new thread?.

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