How was your 2020?
Curious on seeing how everyones 2020s were.
Mine was pretty shit, and I assume a lot of people are in the same boat as me

Yeah, it was absolutely shitty.
I have to pay full prices for online classes even when we can't use the universities equipment and my internet connection is really shitty so i have to download the lesson and can't even watch it real-time

not the best one

Actually pretty good, all things considered.

Rough year, but I met alot of new people whove become good friends

Well as good as 2020 could be i guess

I started going to therapy and even lost some weight, then the virus thing started and have been in home and kinda depressed since then, even caught the damn thing because of a family member, at least i'm better and alive now.

Not the best year but we still made it thru it soo theres that I'd like to think were all just powerful individuals with wills of fire that just keep pushing us to do better for ourselves rather than for anyone else

very bad

2020 has encountered many difficulties Confused

I'm pretty stable here in my country