How ya doin?
How y'all doin? Like fr how are you? We all could agree this pandemic has ruined at least one thing from each of us. I didnt have any graduation this year it was like nothing happened shit really sucks man , 12 years went away just like that poof.?

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Kinda good kinda bad. Definitely through off relationships and has made me not wanna leave home because i’m an introvert, and i love to just not do anything and stay home. So relationships have kinda fallen cuz of that. But i’m good lol

Im good thanks

eeeh i'm ok kind of, trying new thing this year

Im doin ight

Could be better but I'm surviving.

Doing great! Here in Arizona we pretty much live normally. Just got a job and im ready to make that breadddddddd.

Been super busy for me as I am a frontline worker at a hospital, some days can get very exhausting. Hope y'all stay safe!

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Life's been great, I found more time for myself, and working from home is an added bonus!

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just tryna stay and get positive,

I'm ok atm, but life is kicking me in the arse rn.

yeah i agree, things that were important like finishing school just seem so useless now

Sleeping schedule is messed up, didn't do so well on my midterms, gonna try to go harder this final term.

I'm aight, but tbh incredibly depressed.

Been better tbh. I gained a lot of weight and broke my toe, but other than that havent got sick, so overall good?

Could be better, relationships feel like they’re suffering but we do what we can